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  • Learn how CoolSculpting works
  • Free consultations and assessments
  • Special pricing available

Please call to reserve your seat.  Seating is limited, 601.450. 5410.  Don’t miss out on this great event!

Common Botox Myths

Category: Botox

anti-aging concept, portrait of beautiful woman with problem andConsidering getting Botox but too afraid to take the leap based on the negative things you’ve read? Here are just a few myths to ignore when doing research on Botox:

Myth #1 – Stopping Botox will make my wrinkles more visible

Botox will not cause wrinkles to be more pronounced if you choose to stop. In fact, Botox can retrain muscles not to contract, lessening the wrinkles later on in life. On rare occasions, Botox can accentuate new wrinkles because it might change the way muscles contract. However, if done by a skilled physician, this should not be an issue.

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The Recipe to Cure Morning Sickness

Category: Pregnancy

salad with watermelon, feta cheese and olives on the plateThis watermelon, arugula, feta and mint salad is delicious, healthy and can help with morning sickness. Recent studies show that watermelon is great in relieving morning sickness. Because it’s a natural diuretic and contains fiber, it also helps with bloating.

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Valentine Specials – All Month Long!

Profiles – the cosmetic services line of Women’s Pavilion of South Mississippi – is offering a special promotion for the month of February! Read below and take a look at our flier for details. Call 601-268-9393 for more information.

We will have:

  • Complimentary Consults
  • Coolsculpting Sweetheart Specials (Call for more information)
  • Coolsculpting Outer Thigh Special $1500 ($400 savings)
  • Botox $10 a unit
  • 20% off Image Skincare’s product of the week!
  • Prenatal Facial Peels $30
  • Gift Certificates are available for all products and services

february promotion


Call Profiles, a service of Women’s Pavilion, to get that “special someone” their heart’s desire. We offer a full range of cosmetic services including Botox, Juvederm, Image Skincare products/peels, and the CoolSculpting treatment for fat reduction. Call us at 601-268-9393.

Pregnancy and the Flu

Category: Pregnancy

Sneezing pregnant womanAccording to the CDC, this flu season has hit the United States harder than in recent years. Because pregnancy can increase the length of infection and can lead to more complications, such as pneumonia, it’s important to know how to prevent the flu during pregnancy.

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Women’s Pavilion Featured on WDAM News

Category: Coolsculpting

Dr.Elizabeth Washburne was recently interviewed by WDAM News regarding Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting is a fat reduction technology  that targets and cools unwanted fat cells to induce a noticeable, natural-looking reduction in fat bulges. Coolsculpting is safe, FDA-cleared, and effective. We also offer many other cosmetic services such as Botox and Juvederm under the Profiles branch of our clinic. To learn more about Coolsculpting, click here. You can  watch Dr.Washburne’s interview below:

WDAM – TV 7 – News, Weather and Sports

The Holidays at Women’s Pavilion of South Mississippi

Women’s Pavilion of South Mississippi is having a special promotion on our cosmetic services during this holiday season. We offer Image Skin Care products, Botox, Juvederm, Coolsculpting and more. Come see us or call our office at (600) 450 – 5410 to learn more!

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Five Things to Do Before Getting Botox Injections

Category: Botox

Young female with clean fresh skinBotulinum toxin treatments, such as Botox, reduce active lines in the forehead lines, frown lines between eyebrows and crow’s feet. In addition to reducing fine lines, Botox is also used to help with migraines and excessive sweating on the underarms. Though the injections are safe and often produce very few side effects, there are a few things to do before getting Botox injections.

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Introducing Profiles!

Woman getting  facial massage .Profiles, is a new cosmetic  services line of Women’s Pavilion of South Mississippi. In addition to taking care of our patients’ health, we want you to look and feel your best. We have many patients come in asking if we had solutions for weight loss and fine lines. Our physicians began to explore a variety of proven options that would help address these concerns. Profiles is pleased to offer the following products and services:

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Women’s Pavillion is Now Offering Coolsculpting®

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Coolsculpting® In Southern Mississippi

Profiles, a new service of Women’s Pavilion, is now offering a non-surgical fat loss treatment known as Coolsculpting®. The great thing about this treatment is that it is FDA approved and unlike other fat loss treatments, there are no needles, surgery, or downtime with minimal discomfort. Patients usually spend time reading or simply relaxing during the treatment. Results are generally seen as early as 30 days, while dramatic results are noticed around 90 days. After the procedure, your body will continue to flush out fat cells for up to six months.

How Does Coolsculpting® Work?

The procedure begins by identifying specific areas on the body that you would like to target. The device is then positioned on the target part of the body. A bulge is then drawn between two cooling pads and is slowly pulled and pressured to ensure the selected tissue will be cooled most efficiently.

coolsculpting before and after

Learn more about how Coolsculpting® works

If you’re interested in learning more about this fat reduction treatment, or would like to request an appointment with a physician at Women’s Pavillion of South Mississippi, call us at (601) 268-9393.

What others are saying about Coolsculpting®

Check out what others are saying about this treatment and even share your own story!

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